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Best Leggings for Tall Woman

Best Leggings for Tall Woman

When you're tall and shopping for clothing, it can often feel like everything you try on has been preshrunk — especially when it comes to hemlines on pants and leggings. Luckily, the market has been expanding and specialty sizing, while still hard to find, is on the rise. This means, not only are there more options out there, but now the best leggings for tall women come in a variety of styles and sizes so there really is something for everyone.


Since those of us who love leggings know that they're the perfect pants to wear anywhere, during any season, this list includes everything from the best printed leggings to wear to work to the best fleece-lined leggings that will keep you warm all winter long. And none of these ultra-comfortable Black Sheep Leggings will break the bank either. In fact, one pair is so affordable you may consider snatching it up in every color.


Each pair of these extra-long leggings were designed for women 5-foot-7 and taller, because we know — as every tall person knows — there's nothing more annoying than ordering what you expect will be an ankle-length pant and receiving capris instead. So, if you've bought leggings that have fallen short of your expectations in the past, don't worry, these pairs of leggings for tall women will not disappoint.

1. Solid Colored Leggings

Great for everyday wear to the office or an evening out. These very versatile leggings will take you where you need to go looking professional and feel fabulous. Our Leggings printed of solid never stretch out and wash & wear like a dream.

2. Printed Leggings

You don't have to spend a fortune to score a comfortable pair of leggings that fit like a dream. One of the best things about these affordable leggings is that you get to choose from hundreds of printed styles. We have Animals, Aztec, Chevron, Flowers, Skulls, Camo, Tartan, Plaid and so much more. We are always bringing in new styles. Why is this good? Because we bring in the latest on trend designs and must have prints. Take this Rainbow Mermaid print above, this style was only in stock for 3 weeks before it sold out in Kids, One Size and Plus. All of our solid or printed leggings will fit up to 6 foot 4 inches. They are super stretchy without compromising quality or print or color!

3. Fleece Lined Leggings with a High Waist   

Leggings aren't usually a clothing item we consider seasonal, but if you've ever worn thin, transparent leggings in the dead of winter in, say, in Canada, you know that's a lie. These 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex fleece-lined leggings, however, are the perfect cold weather legging — one that's more durable than cotton, they are completely thick and opaque, and won't pill after you wash them (but hang them to dry instead of tossing them in the dryer to be safe). They come in black, charcoal and navy and are offered in two sizes, One Size 2-12 or Plus 14-20.

So for all of our Tall Woman, we got you, our leggings fit perfectly, give us a try you will not be disappointed.