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Can Boys Wear Leggings OR Are Leggings Really For Girls?

Can Boys Wear Leggings OR Are Leggings Really For Girls?

This seems to be quite the debate lately, in our opinion leggings are for everyone, any age, male or female.

Over the last few years the popularity of leggings for kids has risen. We became  fans when we couldn’t find fun soft, printed leggings that lasted for a great price and have remained fans ever since.

They are comfy, easy to wear and don’t restrict movements like tight, thick jeans do. Leggings are stylish and super practical too.

But there is one thing that lots of people still worry about...Can I put a boy in leggings?!

Leggings are usually associated with girls and I think that this is putting some people off them.

Would I put a boy in leggings? Well, why not I say? But then I would – because we have all sorts of boys and men that love to wear our leggings.

But maybe it’s time to look closer at leggings. This blog post takes a quick look at how and why leggings can be gender neutral and a few difference design features to help you make up your mind.

What is Gender Neutral Clothing?

Space Leggings

Camo Leggings



Skull Leggings

Gender Neutral. Unisex. For Boys and Girls. Can leggings really be one style for all?

Gender neutral really just means that it is suitable for both boys and girls. Unisex is when something is designed for both boys and girls.

Black Sheep Legging's are both gender neutral and unisex. Designed and suitable for both boys and girls.

We are designing leggings to be roomy around the waist, high waist band for better fit and slim but still comfortable in the legs. This way they really are easy for both boys and girls to wear.

Only a Central Seam

It’s all personal preference but it is why our leggings are made from 2 solid pieces that are sewn together.

Traditional ‘girls’ leggings – and by that, I mean tight fitting ones they usually sell in the girls’ department, have a front and back seams that run up the inside and outside of the legs rather than just on the inside.

We think that this style really does look good on boys and girls.

Slim Fitting or Skinny Fit?
Like jeans there are many different fits to leggings. Slim fit, skinny fit, relaxed fit…there are lots of different ways to wear your leggings.

Skinny fit is something that we perhaps associate more with leggings in the girls’ sections of shops. They are usually skin tight and come with a longer top or can be worn under a dress.

Boy in leggings Girl in leggings. I bet you didn’t realize that there was so much to a pair of leggings, did you?!

But Can Boys Really Wear Leggings?

Yes! Boys can and should wear leggings. They are just comfy trousers!

But you know what? It’s just a name for a piece of clothing isn’t it? Leggings, slim fit joggers, jersey trousers, lightweight pants – call them what you want but there is nothing gendered about them at all.