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Does Size Matter ?

Does the size of your body matter for you to wear leggings ?

Simply put NO, we style all sizes and ages at Black Sheep Legging. We pride our selves on offering everyone hundreds of styles to choose from no matter what your size. When did it become socially exceptionable to body shame woman who are not a 0 to not wear leggings? No seriously, how on earth did this happen?

We are all beautiful no matter our size, race or age. If you feel beautiful in your own skin and love your all means wear it and own that confidence. Let is shine all around you so everyone can feel how happy and comfortable you are. Let's just be honest for a minute......Leggings are one of the most comfortable pants to wear.

There’s a lot to be said for a larger sized woman wearing brave outfit choices. What I mean by brave is what society indicates as being brave because it’s not a part of the norm we’re confirmed to believe it correct. We’re told that large women shouldn’t wear stripes, bright colors, patterns, and tight fitting clothes, especially leggings. Then with the same breath. We’re told not to wear things that look too baggy, everything should be flattering, cover up… blah blah blah. Is it any wonder that so many plus size women have been though years of mental torment when it comes to just deciding what to wear on any given day! Even being pregnant now doesn’t let up the internet shaming.

Seeing beautiful, plus size women wearing the most amazing outfits and quite frankly not giving a hoot about what people think. That’s the key. Over the last few years we have realized the key is to take control of your own insecurities. Put yourself back in control. Why are you scared to wear that outfit? Like, why are you REALLY scared to wear it? I bet it all comes down to other people’s perceptions of you. Well guess what? It doesn't matter what "THEY" think.

If you like it wear it, simple. FITTING IN IS really is.