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If You’re Going To Rock Leggings, Then You Better Make Them Black Sheep Legging!


If You’re Going To Rock Leggings, Then You Better Make Them Black Sheep Legging!

It’s no secret that leggings are essential to our holiday wardrobe. With your schedule pretty much filled with days of indulging in good food, drinks, shopping, decorating, entertaining, and traveling, there’s a serious need to be comfortable and still extremely cute, right? It is no secret here at #blacksheeplegging that we LOVE a good legging, but even more than that, we LOVE our Black Sheep Leggings. They have been a favorite of ours from when they first launched! And after a fun conversation about the dos and don't of leggings, we thought we would share our favorite pair with you!

Black Sheep Legging

But seriously, have you heard of Black Sheep leggings ? Ma’am, this clothing brand has uniquely and brilliantly perfected the legging formula. PERFECTED. Fashion. Form. Function. These high rise, sleek design, and amazingly comfortable leggings do more than just make it easy to be pulled together… this combination of fabric and design is top notch and they last.

We are in the process of inventing patent pending fabrics that hold you close, accentuating curves while minimizing distractions and we sewed them with tailoring that’s as smart as it is flattering.

We designed Black Sheep Leggings for you to enjoy wearing them. To look and feel as good at 7 am as it does at 7 pm. To work as well with flats as it does with heels.

I find myself gravitating to the comfortable side of my closet during this time and this means reaching for one of my favorite legging brands, Black Sheep Legging. And today, we share some of our favorite styles from the Kids, to adult, to plus size legging brand! And YES, we just REALLLLLLLLY love them!

Meet Black Sheep Legging: The Leggings for EVERYONE !

You see? They have a design perfect for every body and style type, making the highly trendy and fashionable legging brand you can wear with anything, anytime, anywhere. We style kids 1Y-3Y, kids 3Y-6Y, kids 6Y-9Y, O/S (One Size) adults and Plus size. But there’s another reason we wear leggings so much—they can do wonders for the "tuckus", if you know what I mean (wink wink).

BUT let us tell you why we love Black Sheep Leggings so:

  • They cover the FULL belly
  • They work great through our your pregnancy and after
  • They go all the way over and around the bum, say no to crack !!
  • The do NOT roll down- set it and forget it!
  • The rise is high and comfortable
  • In this cool weather, they keep you extremely warm and comfortable, without feeling sticky and sweaty. In summer they are keep you cool.
  • They last forever. My daughter has over 200 pairs from..…two or three  years ago, that she still rocks.
  • They wash amazingly! We probably shouldn't tell you this but we wash & dry all of our leggings, they never shrink, fade or get stretched out.
  • Most of all we support woman in building full time careers with our amazingly cashmere soft leggings.

Cute right? Soooo good.

So next time you’re on the hunt for a new pair of leggings, try a pair of Black Sheep Leggings. Trust me on this one.

Curious? Check them out and shop them at
If you are wondering where else you can find them, you can shop Black Sheep Legging from your local Demonstrator Rep. Contact us to find your nearest Rep. to you.

Do you wear leggings? How many pairs do you have? Have you tried Black Sheep Legging?

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