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Kids need footwear options on how to wear with thier Leggings too !

Kids live in leggings and they need options too on how to styles them!
They want to feel comfortable and look great wearing their favorite pair. We love that we offer over 70 styles of Kids leggings in 1Y-3Y, 3Y-6Y and 6Y-9Y.
Why do kids love our leggings?  Well, beside the buttery soft feeling and adorable prints, they will fit our kids for SO LONG !! Definitely mom approved when clothing can last more than 2 years !
Here are some ways you can teach your child what foot wear looks amazing with their leggings.
Flats are a great slip on shoe that goes with every pair of leggings in your child's closet. They come in hundreds of colors and styles. Cute little bows, textures, accessories etc.
Slip on ankle runners are the perfect pair again for styling leggings. Easy and comfortable in tons of designs.
Kids love ankle boots. They make them feel like they are a grown up and have lots of choices to choose from. Plus they are sturdy and can handle what your days activities. Plus they are great for fall wear on colder days with out a snow boot.
Flip flops are your summer go to that is easy to pair with your leggings and kids can have a few styles as they are inexpensive to purchase!
Toms are a great shoe to wear with leggings. Light, cool and serious choices from solid to printed ones the choices are endless.
And of course runners in all colors and styles are perfect for running around the playground, at the park, hiking or playing with friends.
Knee high boots hands down win every time with leggings for kids. There are a ton of choices that don't break the bank as they grow out of them within 6 months it seems like.
Have some fun with your munchkin teaching them how to style their favorite leggings with some super cute shoes, flats, ankle boots, sandals, knee high boots or runners. They too love to look and feel fabulous just like Mom !!