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Plus-Sized Leggings - FINALLY More Sizing Options.


Plus Sized Leggings

Plus-sized leggings is the new generation of clothing that empowers women who are considered full figured. No longer do you have to wear what looks like your grandmother's curtains covered in lace...........YUCK. Society has set stereotypes and body shamming those who are not size 1. There is too much pressure on women in loosing weight instead of embracing the body they have.

At Black Sheep Legging we are proud to offer a wide range of plus sized leggings that will fit size 14-24 on our one size plus leggings. We believe that we are an "All Inclusive Brand" and we do not want to leave anyone out !

We are proud to work with plus sized fashion bloggers who wear, review our leggings, love how amazing they feel on and hug their curves in all the right places.

These woman are fierce, comfortable in their bodies and know how to flaunt it. Body confidence at any age and size is incredibly important. You have to love the skin you are in. We woman need to support each other no matter what our size is. Feel beautiful, love your body, wear what you want and look amazing doing it. With so much demand focused on this tiny market share, it’s great to see so many individuals and brand influencers getting active with a website or blog of their own show casing plus size fashion.


There is nothing sexier than a woman who loves her body, feels amazing and knows how to express how she feels. Try our plus one size leggings to see how great they fit and how amazing you will look and feel in them.                             We really are girls with curves!

As the new saying goes, “Curves is the new sexy”!