Become a Rep!

Starting with only Black & White Prints !

Hands down this has to be my most favorite way to start out helping a customer.

Picture are at a market or trades show and you have a new customer arrive in your booth. You greet them and start to assist them in finding out what styles they are interested in. Most people ask for black & white patterns to start as they divulge that they don't wear color. I am always like "Ok, lets try some black and white patterns to see what you like and then we'll move into color" I get that look of are you a little slow........

Customer: "I just stated I don't wear color on my legs." Me: "I understand that but what if I could tell you that I promise you will leave here with some amazing designs WITH COLOR that you don't want to stop wearing. People will stop you and ask you where you got your leggings."

Customer: INSERT EYE ROLL !!!

ME: "No problem, we only have 50+ styles of black and white to choose from......options people, we need options."

We pick out a few styles (in black and white) and they start to try them on.

They come out of the change room and the first thing they say is:

1. "They are so soft"

2. "It feels like I am wearing nothing"

3. "They fit so well for being one size"

4. "I love the black and white styles but I see some dog's, cat's, horses, skulls, camouflage etc over there, I think I'll try a pair with more color - "I'm ONLY GOING TO TRY IT to see"

******Me: GIGGLING as I know they are going to love the colored prints******

At the end of it all the customer walks out with 3-4 pairs of very vibrate color prints and they are over the moon with them, not one black and white style purchased.


I can't tell you how amazing the transformation it is to assist a customer who only wears black and white. To walk them through the process of *TRYING* a colored pair. Only to have them purchase a color style or 2 or 10 !! It is the simply the best, just the best.

Seriously chuckling as I write this, time and time again, we see customer's who "will only wear black or white" in bold colors and designs being the best they can be as #FittinginisOut

I LOVE when our customers feel fabulous and confident to wear bold colors and styles. Just black and white huh !!!