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What do guys really think when you wear Leggings ?

Ever wonder what goes on in Men's heads?

Us's quite the mystery.

They actually have a nothing box.......where they really can think about nothing !

We thought we would ask Men what they really think about us woman wearing Leggings. 

Let's be honest, we can't write down some of the comments we received but you can imagine what was said........

Some of these are down right hilarious !

  • "How do they wear them without freezing?"
  • "Why do you need more than one black pair of Leggings?"
  • "Dam girl, you look sexy in Leggings"
  • "How many pairs of Leggings does one girl need?"
  • "Maybe she is going to the gym"
  • "I love when my wife wear's Leggings, she looks amazing in them"

  • "Are Legging's really pants?"
  • "I totally get that it’s hard to work out for the perfect body, that’s why not every man has a 6-pack either. The leggings somehow manage to give the ladies who are super skinny curves, while at the same time offering those who are a bit bigger a slimming effect. The guys can’t get enough of that, simply because there isn’t another garment on the planet that can pull this off. What’s more puzzling is how the leggings have the ability to create curves on a girl who is as flat as a board. But as long as it somehow works, nobody’s complaining!
  • "To be honest, it’s pretty magical how leggings are able to make a girl’s behind look so great. And regardless of how shapeless or flat a girl’s rear side looks like with other garments, leggings have a way of turning that around and giving you the best. It’s hard not to find a girl checking out their behind on the storefront window after rocking a pair of leggings, it’s almost like they just got a brand new butt. In case you are the flat bum girl in your block, it’s probably time you tried out a pair of leggings, you won’t regret it."

  • "Leggings allow my Girlfriend the freedom she loves, there is nothing better that a beautiful woman who is happy and comfortable. She says Leggings are like coming home and taking your bra off after wearing it all day."
  • "Leggings are Seductive."
  • "You know how guys always complain how women take forever to get ready? Well, that’s one of the reasons why guys like it when girls favor leggings. It tells them it won’t take long for her to get ready when they have plans to go out."
  • "They are casual yet very Sexy"
  • "As long as she is comfortable I don't care what she wears."

  • "Have you felt how soft they are?"
  • "They are not too revealing, but showcases just enough."
  • They hug curves in all the right places."
  • "They make your butt look amazing."
  • "I work in a university so there's tons of grad students that do this. I personally like the trend. Much better than the baggy sweatpants thing they were doing 10 years ago. At least they can make it look nicer by accessorizing, matching and such."

  • "Men are visual, I can't get enough of the Leggings Fad."
  • "Leggings are easy to remove."
  • "Leggings bring out the Sexy."
  • "Leggings are the stuff dreams are made of."

Everyone loves leggings. Both girls and guys find the popular trend attractive. Although, each guy is different and his taste might be different, but generally speaking leggings can turn on a guy in general because of the way they look on a girl and what it might say about her.

So you can’t help but acknowledge the appeal of leggings. Whether you’re just working out in them or casually wearing them to do errands, it’s seriously an eye-catching piece of clothing. There’s so many ways to wear it, but the most controversial way to wear them is to wear them as pants! And men.......your welcome!