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When you love what you do, you do what you love !

When you love what you do, your do what you love!

We have all heard the saying ‘do what you love and the money will follow’. Unfortunately though it is not that easy, and with the cost of living on the rise finding a way to do what you love and still earn enough to support yourself and your family can be a very hard challenge. Certainly at some point in life we all need to make sacrifices but happiness should not be one of them. Finding a way to achieve happiness in your career should be a priority as if you are not happy at work, you most likely will not be happy at home, which can affect those around you. People who do what they love tend to live happier more productive lives.

Here are ten reasons why it is important to do what you love for a living:

1. You will have higher self-esteem If you are happy in your workplace you will feel good about yourself and will be more likely to seek out opportunities. You will have more energy and as a result your career will continue to develop.
2. You will be more motivated and pro-active Everyone goes through difficult times in their career and if you enjoy what you do you will be more likely to push through the hard times instead of feeling over whelmed and giving up. You will have a constant incentive and the inspiration to keep going and achieve.
3. You will be a valued employee If you are happy you will be a great asset to your company as you will be more productive and enthusiastic than those who are not. You will also help to keep other co-workers engaged in their work and feeling inspired.
4. You will have more earning potential By being happy you have the ability to drive sales, gain more customers, reach targets etc which will lead to the opportunity to a well deserved pay increase
5. Your overall health is better People who do not enjoy their jobs can have increased blood pressure, headaches, suffer from stress etc. If you enjoy your work you will have a better overall well-being
6. Your colleagues will have more respect for you Being a positive person with a can do attitude means you will be gaining respect by those around you which makes your work environment a much happier place
7. You will have a happier home life Instead of coming home stressed and unhappy you will be more energetic for your family and friends
8. You will be more productive If you are engaged in your work you will have a higher productivity rate and will be able to meet all the challenges of the job
9. You will have improved mental health Doing what you love improves mental health by providing a sense of meaning and purpose which can be associated with psychological well-being
10. You will serve others better Customers and consumers naturally gravitate towards those who love their job. You will do a better job as well! Goes hand in hand really!!

So what are you waiting for? Ready to build your designer life ? We all deserve happiness in our lives. Live the life you’ve imagined. Live the life you deserve.

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